Potential Careers

"UNT Social Work students take United Way of Denton County to the next level by helping us accomplish things in the community that we couldn’t do without them." - Gary Henderson, President & CEO United Way of Denton County, Inc.Social work is a great career choice if you are interested in helping and advocating for others. Additionally, job prospects for social workers remain strong. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that demand for social workers will grow by 25% from 2010 to 2020—far faster than the average.

As a social worker, you will have a lot of choice in how you practice your profession. There are four broad categories of social workers:

  • Medical and public health
    They help patients understand their diagnosis and help make plans for their needs after discharge from the hospital or a care center. Some specialize in providing assistance to the elderly or people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Mental health and substance abuse
    They assess and treat people suffering from mental illness or addictions and arrange for on-going support services.
  • Child and family
    They help families find and coordinate services or apply for benefits like food stamps or housing.  They also protect abused and vulnerable children. They work to help keep families together and safe for children.  When needed, they locate foster homes or arrange adoptions.
  • School
    They help students achieve their academic and personal potential by acting as a link between them, their parents/guardians, and school officials. They work with students who are struggling with issues like truancy, teen pregnancy, behavior problems, drug or alcohol abuse, or some type of disability.

Some positions in social work require a master's degree. You can learn more about social work and which area of this dynamic field might be most suitable for you by visiting with one of our faculty members.  You can also get help planning your future by contacting UNT's Career Center.