Getting Started

UNT offers a bachelor's in social work degree (BSW). To get started earning this degree, you must first seek admission to UNT.  If you are attending college for the very first time, you can learn more about admissions from our Freshman Overview.  If you are taking courses from another university or community college, you can learn more about entering UNT and getting transfer credit from TransferNow.

EagleAll students start the program as "pre social work" majors. You should indicate this major when completing your ApplyTexas application. The pre-social work part of the degree program takes approximately two years to complete and consists of core courses, electives and/or minor classes, and three social work prerequisites:

  • SOWK 1450 – Introduction to Social Work
  • SOWK 2430 – Policies, Issues, and Programs in Social Welfare
  • SOCI 1520 – this requirement will be phased out effective Fall 2018.  If you already taken it or are currently enrolled that is fine and it will count for admissions to the program in the Spring 2018.  If students have not taken SOCI 1520, they can still apply to the program for the spring semester and the Social Work Faculty Advisor may approve an alternate course as a substitution.  However, in the Spring 2018, students applying to the program you will need to take SOWK 3000 instead – in order to be accepted for the Fall 2018 semester.

Your academic counselor will be assigned by the Advising Office of the College of Health and Public Service.  The role of this advisor is to help answer questions on issues like the transfer of credits from other institutions, university core courses, electives and minor requirements.

Students typically apply for program admission late in their sophomore year, or early in their junior year. Admission to the social work major is competitive and is based on performance in prerequisite classes, an essay and the completion of a degree plan by a faculty member.